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Bailey, Todd
Vice President of Online Marketing, Webimax
Mount Laurel, NJ
Celton, Rebecca
Saint Charles, IL

Galas, Jeff
Account Manager, Libraries and Directories, Inc. (LAD)
St Charles, IL
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Galas, Matthew C. Updated
Director of Technology, Managerial Enterprises, Inc. (MEI)
Oswego, IL

Matt has been working on the web since 1996 and has created websites and web based software for businesses of all sizes in various industries. Don't know exactly what you want? Budget concerns? Grand Ideas? No problem!

Johnston, Bill P
Insurance Fraud Investigator
New York, NY
Lyons, Steven
Support Associate, Libraries and Directories, Inc.
St charles, IL
Walsh, Randy
Director of Membership Services, Libraries and Directories, Inc.
Saint Charles, IL
 Profile Expertise
Witwer, Scott
Vice President of Technology / CXO, Webimax
Mount Laurel, NJ
Wocjik, Robert
Sr Account Rep, Libraries and Directories, Inc.
St Charles, IL

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